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From Philippines to Dubai: My Wife’s Epic Journey!

My wife had to go through a lot of preparations to travel from the Philippines to Dubai for us to get married. It was a daunting task that required a lot of patience, time, and effort. In this article, I will share with you the documents we prepared and the requirements we needed to fulfill to make our marriage possible.

First, we prepared all the necessary documents that my wife needed to show to the authorities. These included my Emirates ID, working ID, visa copy, passport copy, employment contract, tenancy contract, salary certificate, and other related documents. For my wife, she needed to secure a confirmed two-way ticket via PAL, tourist visa (valid for one month only), negative PCR test (PCR test an may not be required anymore by the time of publishing), vaccination card, hotel booking (three days only), bank statement, bank certificate, employment ID, certificate of employment, DTR, ITR, business permit, BIR, SEC, SSS record of my work (optional but it’s better to be prepared).

If you have a business, you may also need to secure a business permit, barangay permit, DTI, and BIR. These documents are important to show proof of income and employment status.

We also prepared all the documents required for our marriage in Dubai, which she brought with her on her trip. These included PSA apostilled, CENOMAR apostilled, marriage application form and banns (filled up and submitted through email to the Dubai consulate), and email appointment for the confirmed schedule of submission of our requirements for marriage at the consulate.

On the day of our trip, She flew alone from Terminal 1 at noon on February 24, 2022. It was her first time traveling abroad, and she had no one to accompany her. At the check-in counter, She was already asked by an officer about her destination and the purpose of her travel. The same questions were asked again at the luggage check-in counter. Upon reaching the Immigration Officer, She was again asked about her destination, who she’s am visiting, and the purpose of her travel.

Traveling to another country for a wedding is a challenging and time-consuming task. It requires a lot of preparation, patience, and effort to gather all the necessary documents and meet the requirements. However, with the proper planning and determination, it is possible to make it happen.

For those who are planning to get married in Dubai, you may visit the following websites and email addresses for more information on the requirements and documents needed:

  1. For marriage application and banns form – Email address:
  2. For list of requirements of marriage – Website:
  3. For requesting a copy of PSA and CENOMAR online –
  4. For DFA apostille online appointment –

Remember that the rates for the PSA and CENOMAR documents may vary depending on the service fees and nationwide courier fees. Nevertheless, it is always better to be prepared with all the necessary documents and requirements to make your wedding possible.

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